There is no doubt that we are in both unprecedented and extreme times in our nation.

  • We are now facing a 1.2+ trillion dollar debt. It took us 153 years to get to 700 billion in debt and only a few months to almost double that. Practically, this means higher taxes for our children. Over half of the average Canadian's income already goes to taxes.  

  • In the spring of 2019, two thirds of our Parliament gave a standing ovation in support of women having access to abortion right up to full-term birth, for no medical reason and at the taxpayer's expense.

  • Unemployment is at a high

  • Suicide is at a high

  • Mental illness is at a high

  • Parental rights are under siege

  • And much more....

In spite of this, Canada's best days can still be ahead of us - if we pray and FAST.

That is why we are joining with other national ministries and voices to call a Fast Forward for Canada.

Please read on...


Many prophetic voices - both from within Canada and international prophetic voices - are sensing that Canada is in a critical window in the next 1-3 months. How we respond, position and pray could determine much for churches, individuals, families and even the entire nation. 


Now is the time to pray.

Much is hanging in the balance and is still to be determined regarding our path forward. 


In less than 40 days, Conservative Party members will decide on the person who becomes the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. There is a very good possibility that this leader will be the next Prime Minister of Canada. In addition to this, the Green Party of Canada, which has been growing in popularity, will also hold a leadership race.

There is no doubt that who leads our nation has a determining effect on God's blessing or not, on a nation.

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; but when a wicked man rules, the people groan. - Proverbs 29:1


From now until August 24th, we are calling believers to fast for Godly government and revival in Canada.  

  1. Some are fasting this entire time, just under 40 days.

  2. Some will do an intensive 3-day Esther Fast from August 6-8th, 2020.

  3. Some are fasting one day a week for Godly government in Canada.

Please join this Fast Forward for Canada today.